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Agencies do not meet the technological needs of marketers

By on June 8, 2021 0

CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – RSW / US, the nation’s leading outsourced agency creation company for marketing agencies, just released the RSW 2021 Marketing Technology & Agency New business tools report.

You can download the survey here.

In the survey, we find worrying differences between what marketers say they will focus on compared to their marketing efforts and what their agency counterparts do (not).

We asked marketers to identify the marketing issues that concern them the most. The main responses focused on optimizing marketing spend, personalizing experiences, and looking at experiences in a more holistic way:

  • “Tracking Marketing Effectiveness and Media Spending.”
  • “Obtain a holistic view of customers across all interactions.”
  • “Personalize the customer experience without violating customer privacy.”

And when asked what marketing technology platforms their companies would likely adopt in the next 1-2 years, either with help from their agency or on their own, the top answers were:

  • “General audience analysis”
  • “Optimization of the content and experience of the site”
  • “Online retargeting”
  • “Cross-channel measurement and attribution”

These are all very valid concerns among marketers and seemingly healthy areas they need to focus on for years to come.

The good news for agencies is that marketers are expressing their needs quite clearly.

Everything is there, clear as day … now the agencies just have to run against it.

The bad news is that only a small handful of agencies are steeped in the areas of technology that marketers seem to need the most.

The tools less used by agencies are things that directly help meet the needs and challenges of marketers.

  • Only 57% of agencies use audience analysis tools.
  • Only 17% use cross-channel measurement and attribution tools.
  • Only 14% use predictive modeling tools.
  • And only 13% use cross-channel audience identification tools.

Without a doubt, our world of marketing and advertising is getting more complex every day.

The need for marketing agencies to add value beyond the scope of what they produce for their clients is also increasing day by day.

Marketing clients are under increasing pressure to return on their investments faster than ever.

And that investment includes their agencies. So define the needs of your customers, prioritize and invest.

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