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5 Milwaukee Brewers set to hit unrestricted free agency this winter

By on October 8, 2022 0

The Milwaukee Brewers have a lot of tough decisions to make after a disappointing season wraps up.

After the best 50-game start in franchise history, Milwaukee faltered down the stretch. The players have not lived up to their bill. The front office did not make the right choices. And the coaching staff couldn’t push the right buttons. Everyone played a role in their disappearance.

What is done is done. It is already time for the Brewers to move forward. And here are five players who are set to hit unrestricted free agency this offseason.

These five Milwaukee Brewers players are set to reach unrestricted free agency this winter and may not return to the team.

Trevor Rosenthal

I forgive you if you didn’t even know Trevor Rosenthal was on the team. Milwaukee traded in early August for the veteran reliever who had just signed with the San Francisco Giants two weeks earlier. Oh, and he hadn’t pitched in the majors since 2020. That streak continued with the Brewers, as the veteran was immediately injured and missed the rest of the season. Either way, he’s about to become a free agent.

Luis Perdomo

Although he also finished the season on the injured list, Luis Perdomo has at least missed the Brewers bullpen this season. In 14 games and 23.2 innings, he had an ERA+ of 105 (100 is the average). He earned $700,000 last season and could return with a similar salary if the Brewers are interested in his services again.

Taylor Rogers

This season, Rogers joined the San Diego Brewers and fell short of billing. He posted a 73+ ERA in 23 innings at Milwaukee. He was sensitive to both the long ball and the walk – not a good combination. He earned $7.3 million last year and it’s safe to say the Brewers won’t bring him back with anything close to that salary.

Jace Peterson

The veteran reserve has played its role to a T this season when it comes to expectations. He hit his career average and on-base percentage and hit a league average OPS+ of 98. It’s basically a cheap form of outfield depth that could come back if Milwaukee are happy with their top four outfielders on his MLB roster.

Andrew McCutchen

Milwaukee signed McCutchen to a one-year, $8.5 million deal last season and the 14-year veteran has held on. He’s obviously not the McCutchen of old and was erroneously considered a mid-range hitter with the Brewers due to a lack of better options. The Brewers need to find offensive improvements next season so they can move on from McCutchen and look for younger, better options.